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TRANSFIERE is the ideal place to promote the innovation between research groups and companies, in adittion to contribute to the competitiveness of the business sector. Being part of Transfiere allows to establish strategic contacts, synergies and exchange of knowledge, conecting the different actors and strategic sectors of the economy.

Networking, Transfer, Cooperation and Internationalization are the fundamental pillars of Transfiere. Participants, public and private entities, will be able to:

  • Hold up to 32 B2B meetings of 30 minutes previously managed by the networking online tool.

  • Participate in the knowledge of research groups from universities, Public Research Organisations and National Technology Centres.

  • Learn about the technology demand of national and international companies that invest in R+D.

  • Presence of international supplier and buyer enterprises in technology innovation.

  • Get to know the technological needs of Public Administration.


Commercial Team

The Commercial Team will be delighted to inform you of all forms of participation and to solve any enquiry:

 Product Manager: Yvonne Flores +34 952 045 500 /+34 616 164 717

 Networking contact: Marta España +34 952 045 500 / +34 616 586 505

 Commercial contact: Priscila Meléndez +34 952 045 500 / +34 648 006 608

Research groups, forums and prize contact: Déborah Pastrana +34 952 045 500 / +34 620 612 976