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The seventh edition of TRANSFIERE, European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation, held the III 'Transfiere Forum' Journalism Award in order to support the Scientific, Technological and Innovative awareness, with the aim of putting in value the work carried out by journalists and scientific authors to publicize the technological innovation developed in Spain and its international convergence.

Publications submitted for the competition must be signed and published in media outlets, press, radio, television and/or digital media during the course of 2017, and it may be written or spoken in Spanish and/or English.

Only one prize was awarded per category, distinguishing between written and audio-visual works. Each prize was valued at €3.000.


  • Written Works: ‘¿Podemos ver con las orejas?’ y ‘Un ratón con los ojos de Pepe’, by Antonio Martínez, published on Diario Voz Populi.

  • Audio-visual Works: The prize were shared: Project ‘LAB 24’, directed by Pere Buhigas and published on RTVE, and project ‘El final de las cosas’, directed by Beatriz Díaz, published on ’75 minutos’, Canal Sur TV.