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This is the program of Parallel Activities that will took place within Transfiere 2019 during both days. Access each one of them to know all the information.

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Summary list of activities

For full info and details of each activity, access to any of the days (above)

February 13th

  • APTE meeting delegated commissions – APTE (Feb 13. 09:00h. and 16:30h.)

  • Cross Cultural Workshop: Japanese Business Culture – European Enterprise Network (Feb 13. 09:00h.)

  • Spanish Road Technology Platform Steering Board (Feb 13. 09:15h.)

  • MML (Mobilization Mutual Learning) Workshop in Bioeconomy. Improving transfer technology – ASEBIO – (Feb 13. 10:00h.)

  • Spin off Work Meeting – Red OTRI (Feb 13. 10:00h.)

  • Work Meeting to deal with "OTRI" matters – Red OTRI (Feb 13. 11:30h.)

  • Contract Work Meeting – Red OTRI (Feb 13. 12:00h.)

  • Patents and Licences Work Meeting – Red OTRI (Feb 13. 12:00h.)

  • PCTS meeting with IHL responsible in MINCOTUR and ENISA – APTE (Feb 13. 12:30h.)

  • Discussion forum on the application of the ICC to the road mobility sector – Roads and Highway Technological Spanish Platform (Feb 13. 12:30h.)

  • Nanogateway project co-creation workishop with stakeholders – INL (Feb 13. 13:00h.)

  • Private meeting discusing budget for 2019 – Life Watch ERIC (Feb 13.16:00h.)

  • Training Work Meeting – Red OTRI (Feb 13. 16:00h.)

  • Indicators Work Meeting – Red OTRI (Feb 13. 16:00h.)

  • The presentation of "Experimenta" magazine dedicated to Transferencias.Design Málaga 2018 – Andalusian Association of Designers (AAD) (Feb 13. 16:30h.)

  • General Assembly of Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain – APTE (Feb 13. 16:30h.)

February 14th

  • Talent Womann by Transfiere – Transfiere (Feb 14. 09:00h.)

  • Meeting of APTE working groups – APTE (Feb 14. 09:00h.)

  • Cross KIC Meeting – EIT Health Spain (Feb 14. 09:00h.)

  • Meeting of APTE working groups – APTE (Feb 14. 10:00h.)

  • Permanent Comission work meeting – Red OTRI (Feb 14. 10:00h.)

  • Communicate Science, Technology and Innovation - Spanish association of scientific communication (Feb 14. 10:00h)

  • Five years of success transferring mathematics to industry - ITMATI (Feb 14. 11:00h.)
  • Meeting of Steering Committee from comercial strategy of ADIF (Feb 14. 12:00h)