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The Transfiere 2018 programme is composed by the International Innovation Programme and the Open Innovation Area.

INTERNATIONAL INNOVATION PROGRAMME: Round table programme where experts in the different sectors of the forum targets high specialized topics of interest at the two defined areas: White Point and Red Point.

The following topics will be treated in each area:

White Point Area

  • Process of market consultation by public services
  • Argentina, guest country. Presentation of the Argentine innovation ecosystem
  • Argentina guest country. Presentation of the Province of Buenos Aires of Transfiere Argentina September 2018 - Mar del Plata
  • Marketing of R&D: What is sold, How it is sold, How it is bought and by whom
  • Financing of R&D+i
  • European challenges in agriculture 4.0
  • The present of the circular economy
  • Artificial intelligence, Deep & Cognitive Learning. Innovating in the machine-human relationship

Red Point Area

· Spanish Technological Platforms:

  • Energy
  • Digital transformation
  • Health
  • Smart territories
  • New printing systems
  • Agri-food

· FEDIT - Technology Centres. Success stories.

· Digital Innovation Hubs.

· UMA and PTA pilot projects with the MELiSSA consortium.

OPEN INNOVATION AREA: Specific space for Technology-Based Innovative Enterprises such as start-ups, spin-offs and research groups.

Periodically we will add more information about Transfiere 2018 Programme.


We are working on the programme of the Parallel Events. Consult the ones that are confirmed up until now. More detailed information will be added periodically.